Forty thousand years of cultivation

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Description: "Civilians, not to mention, whether the enemy is the holy alliance or Xiuxian, will not let go of even a civilian, although the Federation is big, where can escape, the result is not artificial knife, for my fish, let the enemy cut to pieces?"? "Flee to the depths of the sea of stars, ha, here we are already the end of the sea of stars, and then flee to the distance, it is impossible to find any resources, the size of a small one or two starships, simply not enough to support the effective operation of a society, in the end, is the tragedy of killing people, cannibalism-such examples, the former flying star world is also rare?"? Flee to a sanctuary deep in the center of the earth, and not come out for hundreds, thousands, or even thousands of years? Yes, both the Holy Alliance and the Empire pay attention to the rate of return on resources, and it's not worth turning over the whole crust for just a few hundred civilians-but the end of doing so is the theme of this information film, "Dark Attack",White Marble Mosaic, which not only attacks the human body, but also our most precious emotions and hearts, when tens of thousands of years later. When our descendants come out of the darkness again, will anyone admit that they are real human beings? "This.." Meng Lichuan watched the video of the "Dark Attack" game uploaded by countless players, especially the ending full of pain, terror and despair. The more she watched, the more she trembled. She whispered, "This, this is not like an ordinary game." "It's really not like a game,Agate Slabs For Sale, but like a history that has happened countless times, and a future that will inevitably come." I don't know when the smile on Jiang Baitao's face disappeared, replaced by a light haze, her eyes filled with black fog, behind the fog may be unwilling, or fear, "If we don't send troops, or send troops but lose, this is the end we, all our relatives and the whole civilization, have to face." "Boom!" Thousands of videos of "dark invasion" poured into Meng Lichuan's mind, turning into stormy waves, bombarding her fragile beliefs, making her subconsciously say, "This is impossible!" "Why is it impossible?" Jiang Baitao spread out his hands and said, "Do you think that after the Holy Alliance devoured the Empire, it is impossible to continue to advance to the Federation, grey marble slab ,White Marble Slabs, or do you think that all the resources of the Holy Alliance plus the Empire are not enough to crush the Federation?"? "Please, even now, the power of the Federation and the Empire may not be able to defeat the Holy Alliance, let alone when the time comes, it will be twice the Holy Alliance, destroying a small isolated and helpless Federation!" Chapter 2891 reverse psychology. Meng Lichuan was speechless and did not say a word, quickly browsing the relevant forums and exchange posts of "Dark Invasion". As expected, like her, there are many people who are full of shock and fear about this new expansion pack. Thousands of players have been caught up in the sheer difficulty and desperation of this expansion pack, like a swamp of thorns, almost breathless. Many people spend a day and a night to experience the blood, trembling and silence of the scene, no matter how many times they try, it is still a dead end. The forum is full of complaints: "Are you kidding me? The game setting is so unreasonable that it's crazy-is the Union Army so fragile that it can't fight back under the enemy's bombardment?" "Which madman designed this game? No matter what role and script we choose, there is no way to pass the game. No matter how hard we try, we can only die simply and tragically!" "The Federation is completely destroyed, and on top of the wreckage of the Federation, the survivors have become deformed freaks in the dark evolution of tens of thousands of years. What is this? It's simply a'whipping corpse '. It's too depressing for this game!" Do you think the scene simulated by this game will really happen? If the Union loses, will our children and grandchildren really end up like cockroaches and lizards in the depths of the earth? "Bullshit, how is that possible?" "Federal experts and strong people, will always come up with a way to come, it is impossible to watch the strong enemy in the middle of the sea of stars to kill it?" "But on the other side of the virtual battlefield, the'Moon Devil Team 'representing the Union Army is really not performing well and is being hung up by the opposite side. If the Union Army really collapses, who else can protect us?" "However, according to the deduction here, even if the Union Army does not go on an expedition to the middle of the Star Sea, where the strong enemy already knows our existence, it is impossible to let us go with mercy, that is not a dead end?" "Anyway, I will never watch my family end up like this. If one day, our whole family will pick up chainsaw swords, carry explosive guns, and die vigorously and happily on the battlefield!" "That is, what'dark invasion ', presents a world view that is too disgusting, too evil, too perverted, we Federals, will not end up like this!" Meng Lichuan opened hundreds of light curtains at the same time, reaching the computing limit of Jiang Baitao's portable crystal brain, while rapidly browsing the voices of thousands of ordinary people. Is it an illusion? At first, she smelled a very strong breath of panic and fear from the voices of the people, but the closer the posting time is to now, the weaker the breath of panic is, instead, the anger of the volcano is about to erupt, like a real smell of sulfur! It was as if all the people of the Federation were deeply offended by this strange, desperate, depressing little game! "At the beginning, in these two sister games, 'Glorious Expedition' is the main part, and'Dark Invasion 'is just a relief for leisure and entertainment." Jiang Baitao said, "But the'dark invasion 'is like the most ferocious virus, spreading and breaking out geometrically, and within two days,Calacatta Quartz Slab, it has become the focus of attention of the whole Federation." At this time, the peak of the battle between the Moon Demon Team and the Blood Shadow Team is coming to an end. Our team has lost its momentum, but not many people still care about the results of the'Glorious Expedition '.

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