Substitute Princess by Ah Cai

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Description: "Dark Rock, you can rest assured that even if the ghost is a woman, a very beautiful woman, it is not as good as you." Before Qin Xiao and Dark Rock, like brothers and friends, such a friendship, quite strange, but both of them are satisfied with this, after all, their previous generation, is not happy. The average man would only get angry when he heard this, but Dark Rock did not smile. Yes, can you find anyone more beautiful than me in this world? His mother is the first beauty in the martial arts world, and she is the first beauty in the martial arts world. She is not like one of the best beauties in the world. She has this title because of her power and beauty. Looking at Qin Xiao's appearance, she also knows that his father is not bad. Think about it. If he is bad, will his mother like him? He was born without a name or a cent. For Dark Rock's narcissism, everyone laughed without a word. Dark Rock has the ability to play with this narcissism. About the misty forest, ten days later, the king will leave for it. "No, I don't agree." Nanno Creek is the first to object. Reason "Xiao Qi has just returned from the disaster. We can't take any more risks. We have to be well prepared for the misty forest. Ten days is too short." Dark Rock doesn't agree either. What the king of the south said was, 'Ten days, a little too soon.' "Daily dreaminess" "If you don't prepare, you will only repeat the same mistakes." A group of people, so quarreled, no one, and small seven, only looked at coldly. "Villa Leader," the housekeeper stood at the door and called out in a loud voice. What's the matter? The topic naturally stopped. Saying a group of people, a group of excellent people together, to make a decision is really not easy, sitting, in addition to Qin Xiao and Jin Tian will follow the meaning of the North Junmo, the other two are self-indulgent. South Nuoxi will only want to give the north Jun Mo ugly, and dark rock, his pride is doomed he will not listen to his words at will, the quarrel is normal, if not for the arrival of the housekeeper, this argument will not know when to end. Villa Leader,fake ficus tree, some gentlemen, the first disciple of Huashan and the first lady have come. The young leaders of Tangmen and Leimen have also come. They are waiting in the hall. They were all big shots, otherwise he would not have come to disturb the proceedings of several masters. I see. Stand down first. "Yes" Huashan, these people come very coincidentally. This is the first batch of people. Bei Junmo was calculating when they would set out to destroy the ghost. The third group, Mount Song, Mount Tai, Mount Heng, Yanmen, Shuimen, these big sects have all arrived, and some of the other small sects have also come, but their fighting capacity is not strong. "Let's meet together today. Ten days later, we're going to go to the misty forest. This time, the king will destroy Guizun in one fell swoop, so that she will never come out again." Eradicate, this is the style of north junmo, north junmo regardless of the opinions of the people. Nan Nuoxi and Dark Rock want to continue to say something, but Bei Junmo has taken the lead in going out, Bei Junmo, artificial coconut palm trees ,faux ficus tree, an arrogant man. Five men and one woman, six young men with different styles, but equally amazing momentum, made all the people in the hall pale as soon as they stepped into the hall. Huashan, Songshan, Taishan, Hengshan, Yanmen, Shuimen, Leimen and Tangmen. Those who came this time were all young talents, but compared with them, they could only be called the stars beside the moon, and they were dim. It's you. As soon as Bei Junmo stepped in, Yao Hongyan saw it, and he was the only one in her eyes. Yes, that day's bloody scared her, she vomited for a few days, what to eat what to vomit, but also let her firmly believe that this man, is absolutely the best man in the world, by such a man in love, will become the happiest woman in the world, and in this world, only she, the eldest lady of Huashan School is worthy of him, only she Yao Hongyan is worthy of the coldest feeling in the world. But the most affectionate man. The woman beside him, cold and indifferent, was not worthy of such an excellent man. Yao Hongyan, like Qin Qing, is a woman pursued by Wulin Shaoxia. She is the best woman of their generation. People's pursuit also makes them develop arrogant and narcissistic temperament. However, compared with Qin Qing, Yao Hongyan is more proud and narcissistic, because Qin Qing has suffered too many blows from Bei Junmo. Yao Qingxiao and Purple Flute also saw the person who came in, a little bit afraid, but quickly recovered, this man, did not offend absolutely will not be a killer. Childe, do you remember me? I'm Yao Hongyan from Huashan. You saved me last time. While everyone was still lamenting the excellence of these six people, Yao Hongyan came forward and thought she was familiar with Beijunmo. But will Bei Junmo pay any attention to her? Who does she think she is? 152 Move aside Updated May 27, 2010 9:23:51 Words: 2061 Eh? When did the young lady of the Huashan Sect, who had a good eye on the top, snore with people? This is the idea of many people in Wulin. Eh? When did Bei Junmo know such a tasteless woman? This is the idea of Qin Xiao and others. Blocked the way, North Junmo's anger arises spontaneously, where is this stupid woman, did not see a group of them because she stood in the doorway can not advance or retreat? Does she know how to be polite? Move out of my way The voice has a strong pressure of anger, this voice without any emotion in Yao Hongyan's ears, but only feel that this man has personality, the love in his eyes has deepened a little, this man has a good personality, and does not waver with her beauty, this man, she is going to set. Childe, I am. Charming voice, with a bit of a pitiful taste, people can not provoke to care. Ben Wang said get out of the way, didn't you hear? Had it not been for the wrong occasion, Bei Junmo would have waved a move directly and swatted the person away. Bastard woman, dare to bear his way, disrelish life too long. Seeing this, Yao Qingxiao and Purple Flute hurriedly stepped forward. This man should not pursue the principle of not being a woman's opponent, and they just said that this man,silk olive tree, not guilty, he's all right. If he offends, he's afraid that the whole Huashan Mountain will be lost.

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