The Chinese parasol tree lacks the moon

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Description: He was worried that Bihuan would become a widow soon after she married him. He didn't want Bihuan to be so unfortunate. But this reason, but can never tell her, because he is not his own. If Wu Shen did not want to change, did not want to make a decision, and made a decision because no one listened to it and it was useless, Wang Tianyi gave all the decision-making power, and even the decision-making power of his own life, to the people he was loyal to at the very beginning. This huge and naked dedication gave him a very noble sense of comfort. The only thing they have in common is that neither of them has their own decisions. Jianghu has given them splendor and wealth, but it has not put their own decisions in their hands. You seem to have something on your mind? Wang Tianyi asked. Who doesn't have worries? I haven't seen you. Do you have something on your mind? Worried about Bihuan's status? "No." Two people shoulder to shoulder, together around the small "field" edge scattered start. Soon, he said that he was worried that the main force would gather in Jiankang, the headquarters of Shouzhou would be empty, and Wudang would retaliate against Shouzhou after falling out, but he was worried that Kunlun's own people would be unfavorable to his wife. Zhang Gaochan found an excuse to bring his family to Jiankang to live together. This excuse is not only grand but also justified: Bihuan is going to marry Wang Tianyi. She is not only a relative of Wu Shen's family, but also the adopted daughter of Qianlihong. How can the wedding not be grand? So how can Mrs. Zhang not come to her sister's wedding? Kunlun Haoxiong was jubilant on the surface, but secretly he was making preparations for war, and his behavior was abnormal,75 smart board, but Changle Gang and Wudang Sect all thought they were using Jiankang as a springboard to attack Murong Qiushui. The brocade robe team was decorated with lanterns and colored streamers, and the people below were jubilant, but the core members were like in the world of ice and snow, especially Wang Tianyi, who almost collapsed in his chair after hearing the report of the golden monkey. Yi Lao wants to take advantage of Wang Tianyi's wedding to launch a surprise attack! A few days ago, he was a little happy for a while, because Bihuan unexpectedly got a bigger reward-Qianlihong's adopted daughter,smartboards in classrooms, Wang Tianyi was also very happy, so the wedding must be very grand. But a grand wedding is naturally celebrated by a group of heroes, so it becomes a wonderful opportunity to catch all. Yi Yue, Murong Cheng, Qin Mingyue hard to find the chance of a fatal blow unexpectedly so exaggerated in front of the three of them. Who can miss such a golden opportunity! This is simply God's eyes! But for Wang Tianyi, it was like a bolt from the blue, not to mention that the wedding was a major event in life, just at this time, it was tantamount to tying his parents and Bihuan to the chariot! The three grandfathers asked me to tell you that your parents and Miss Bihuan are absolutely safe. Let you rest assured. The golden monkey said timidly. Tao Dawei wanted to comfort Wang Tianyi, but he opened his mouth, shook his head, and said nothing. The golden monkey could not bear to see Wang Tianyi's heart-broken appearance. Not daring to sit down, interactive boards for classrooms ,smart board whiteboard, he stood there bowing down, trying to comfort him, but he was a rough man and a fierce man, and he was really not good at this kind of thing. Thought for a long time, the stomach just tried to calculate a few words of comfort. I just opened my mouth and didn't say two words. Wang Tianyi, who was pale over there, had already stood up. Looking at Wang Tianyi's eyes staring straight ahead, Tao Dawei and the Golden Monkey were so frightened that they stood up straight, "Si Li.." But Wang Tianyi did not make two people imagine the desperate act of smashing the table and throwing things, and even did not pay attention to two people, he quietly turned around. Go to the incense table, draw out three sticks of incense and light them. He raised his head high and said, "The gods of heaven and earth are above.". Bless my teacher to succeed immediately! After worshipping three times and inserting the incense into the incense burner, Wang Tianyi threw down his robe and turned around. He ordered him to jump out of his teeth word by word: "Go and redo the guest list!"! Don't let anyone slip through the net! "As you wish!" Jin and Tao bowed at the same time. But just then, the following came to report: Wang Tianyi's little brother Qi An came in a hurry. In front of him, Wang Tianyi put on a strong smile and opened his arms to greet him: "Qi An, does Bihuan think the color of my robe doesn't match again and ask you to supervise the work?" "No!" Qi An is anxious like ants on a hot pan, so that Wang Tianyi has not cracked to the corners of the mouth of the fake smile stiff in the face, "Bihuan sister has something urgent to find you!" What happened to her? Are you sick? Wang Tianyi grasped Qi'an's arm. I don't know. She was crying, making trouble and smashing things. She said that if you didn't see her, you should go and have a look. Wang Tianyi hurriedly rode to the house where Kunlun was preparing for the wedding. As soon as he entered the house, Bihuan rushed up and pulled Wang Tianyi. What's wrong Wang Tianyi was taken aback to see Bihuan's frightened eyes. One thing, you must inform Wudang Sect of Pegasus immediately! Bihuan said in a hurry. Wang Tianyi felt his heart beating fast in an instant. Instead of asking anything, he held Bihuan's shoulder and stared into her eyes and said slowly, "Do you remember?"? Did you say that after you married me, you didn't care about Jianghu anymore, and you only cared about me? Do you remember? "This is about Miss Wu and Wudang!" Bihuan suddenly hugged Wang Tianyi and sobbed: "Now I can't believe anyone except you." Wang Tianyi closed his eyes, but the tears could not stop flowing down. At this moment, Bihuan could not see his tears. After a wick of incense, Wang Tianyi stood in front of Qin Mingyue. In addition to Jin Tao and other colleagues, Wang Tianyi's real nightingale identity in Jiankang is only known by Qin Mingyue and Murong Cheng, which is also for the convenience of Wang Tianyi to complete his mission, so when Wang Tiayi asked to see Qin Mingyue, Qin Mingyue, who was taking a nap, had no time to wear her shoes and jumped to the front hall. It was because Kunlun had no money to pave the path with marble, and the road was full of small stones. Looking at Qin Mingyue, Wang Tianyi's eyes swung around, and immediately Qin Mingyue drank back all his men and servants,interactive panel board, leaving only the two of them in the house. Bihuan knows. Put her and Mrs. Zhang and all possible insiders under house arrest immediately. Wang Tianyi didn't even say anything polite. It was too urgent. Fuck! It must be Zhang Gaochan, the bastard, who told Gao Liu Ruo! Qin Mingyue was so angry that she kicked the floor barefoot.

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