Who said we were getting a divorce?

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Description: The hostess, who is famous for her big and beautiful breasts, triggered a wave of new topics as soon as she went online because of her coquetry, which stirred up Lu Qian. This is probably where the seeds of trouble were planted. The author has something to say: Lu Xiaochu: Will there be a chance of winning in the variety show? The comment area is full of cross red envelopes and 100 red envelopes will be randomly distributed. In addition, the well-written comments will send points to deduct JJ coins. [Note]: Goose Wing Pot refers to the article "Goose Foot Enmity Record" in "I Want to Eat Meat" edited by Li Shu, written by eimo. Thanks to the little angel who voted for me from 2019-12-14 19:32:04 to 2019-12-15 20:31:02. Thanks to the little angels who irrigate the nutrient solution: 10 bottles of Yatogami Kuroh, 5 bottles of wwmm, 2 bottles of Beek Little Devil, 1 bottle of 101920, Hibiscus, Sweet Huhu, Jiajia, Euridis and Unfully Blossom; Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! Fox tail Chapter 38 Every new episode of "Star Kitchen" has a hot topic on Weibo. The image of a good family man who can cook attracts fans. Lu Qian himself doesn't use social software very much, but the account that the program group opened for him on Weibo has instantly increased by 100,000 fans, and the hot search topic naturally has to bring him. I don't know whether it was accidental or intentional for the effect of the program, but this time the hostess surnamed Hu of TV station A appeared, just like Lu Qian bound CP, and even the salty taste of a dish in the preparation process was said to be an ambiguous clue. Do you have a crush on her? Do you need to feed yourself so personally to taste the saltiness? "If you like it,interactive digital whiteboard, you also like the best actor, or the sponsor is OK!"! What do you want to see a general doctor? "What do you want to marry an insider?"? There are many female stars who marry doctors, lawyers and firefighters these days. Well, how do you know that they are ordinary doctors, and they won't tell you that they are worth hundreds of millions of yuan? "Variety is also a script, well, there is no loss in binding hype.". If a man doesn't want to be popular, he won't follow the script! "Lu Qian seems to have a wife,smartboards for business, before in the food show has seen ah, his wife is a rich woman." Lin Shumei was about to vomit blood, and she didn't get a penny from the Lu family, so she was a "rich woman". She specifically said to Lu Qian: "Don't mention me in the program." It's better not to mention anything about your family. I know, you can rest assured, recording this program is my business, I will not force you. That's what I said. It turned out that she had nothing to do with herself. Chateau as a shooting place, this period of time has also been repeatedly mentioned, attracted a lot of curious onlookers, Yao Shu even had to change the largest iron gate outside the manor from the door to the lock of the latest. You know, when they were at the winery, the door was never locked during the day. To deal with the fans who come here, but also to deal with orders. Last year's wine, except for the largest batch of defective wine, interactive panels for education ,65 inch smart board, was almost sold out because of its small quantity. Before the new grapes were ripe, Shumei collected a batch of cherries from cooperative fruit growers at the end of the year and tried to brew a batch of cherry brandy. It may be that this beautiful name touched the point of the Chinese people, coupled with the recent advertising effect of the winery, it was also sold out as soon as it came out. These are the contributions of Lu Qian, and she will not be unaware of them. Just as she was about to speak again, the hostess surnamed Hu came in and greeted Lu Qian, saying, "Doctor Lu, go to have a midnight snack. It's my treat!" The program was recorded very late, and after the end, the film crew had to put the things on the scene back in place, and Lu Qian left it to the end every time. Sometimes the guests and the director will treat you to a midnight snack, and today it's probably the hostess's turn. What Shu Mei didn't say, she swallowed back and said, "Your official is here. Go quickly. I won't delay you." Lu Qian pulled her: "There is no official match. Don't get me wrong.". ” "I have nothing to misunderstand, you go quickly, people are still waiting!" Lu Qian looked back at the host standing by the door and raised his voice: "Thank you, I won't go." Shu Mei clearly saw the disappointed look on the other side's face. Hey, don't let me be an evil person. If you want to go this way in the future, you will have to socialize with these people. "It doesn't matter. I didn't eat midnight snack originally. The rehabilitation teacher told me not to eat after eight o'clock in the evening." He knew exactly how to shut her up. Shu Mei did not see any unusual emotion in his eyes, so she did not think much about it. In addition, she was too busy to come in, and the business of the winery was multifarious. The agency of European wine was previously shelved due to exchange rate changes and other issues. It was not easy to sign a contract. 3000 cases of wine were transported in a 40-foot container, but there were some problems in customs clearance. Another month or so of delay passed. Lin Shu-mei was in a mess, and the contract with the subordinate dealer could only be delayed again and again. Fortunately, Tang Muze provided experience for her reference, and put forward pertinent opinions, saying, "Since the winery has such a reputation now, if you don't consider doing too many categories, you might as well take the final sales link and open a store in the urban area, on the one hand, to display, on the other hand, to do sales.". In this way, the red wine obtained from abroad can be sold cheaper, and consumers will like it if it is really supplied directly by the winery. "But then there will be greater inventory pressure." It can't be like now, when the wine is sold out, we can go back to order. There are at least three or four months from delivery to customs clearance, and no industry can afford such a gap. If necessary, the brand I represent here can also be sold for you. "Really?" He smiles: "I give other agency first, inferior agency also is to sign, also be to sign to you, have you Lin Shumei to do protect, I am a few more at ease instead." Peers, he is willing to help her like this,electronic board for classroom, Shu Mei is very moved. It was this kind of busyness that made her not take Weibo's hot search too seriously. Anyway, the hot search is different every day, and the heat is gone. hsdsmartboard.com

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